Success Story from Eric M.

Success Story from Eric M.

Eric is a friend and I'm super proud of him. He says he's never felt better! 

"Now down 32 pounds thanks to you. Feel free to share on your feed. Thank you for saving me. I feel so great. I have 2 degenerative disk in my back and felt out of solutions to lose weight and blamed my back. 3 months ago, I was so down on myself for being so overweight.

I turn 40 in September and promised my wife a 6 pack of abs but had no clue how to do it. I’ve done this with no exercise. I’ve enjoyed not being shackled to sugar and excess carbs but I struggle watching others with their sugar addiction. I have enjoyed sitting across the table from someone who is clearly overweight and still telling me what I should do."

-Eric M.

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